Ursus is Best Value for Money

Assessment of design and quality is established from the resale value of a product which is dependent on higher productivity with lower fuel consumption, durability, lower maintenance & cheaper repair: all this results in overall lower operating cost & thus higher resale value. URSUS tractors enjoy highest resale value in the Pakistan market. For an example URSUS Tractors delivered (over 8,000) in 1994-96 at a price of 150,000 and 230,000 Pkr respectively, are now valued on an average at 300,000 even after 16 to 18 years of their use. Similarly, URSUS enjoy highest resale value in Poland, Eastern European and African markets.


URSUS is a Polish company that was established over 100 years ago for the manufacturing of stationery engines and later it was used for the manufacturing of defense related equipment during the 1st and 2nd world war periods.

After the Second World War Ursus designed and produced tractors for domestic and Eastern European markets. In 80s Government of Poland awarded a contract to Massey Ferguson, to set-up a tractor plant on turnkey basis with transfer of technology. This plant was built using the most advanced and modern production techniques assisted with computers and robots. This was the latest purpose built tractor plant established since late 50's. All other manufacturing facilities were improve-upon kind.

FarmAll is manufacturing URSUS tractors model 2812, 3512 & 4512. Four wheel drive models 3514 & 4514 shall be introduced, later this year. These tractors are manufactured under the rights obtained from Ursus Poland.

Production cost in Europe has gone too high; therefore, production of this category of tractors is no more feasible. Since last several years, tractors of medium technology required by under developed markets are manufactured and supplied from China, India and Pakistan.

FarmAll offers state of an art range tractors and farm machines developed for newer crop production processes those deliver best conversion ratios.