Spry Machines


Spraying farm chemicals is a delicate operation. There are three major groups of farm chemicals (Pesticides, Fungicides & Weedicides in soluble and emulsion) i.e. Systemic, Contact and Broad Spectrum. In an acre of crop there are 3,000 to 100,000 plants with millions of leafs & enormous surface area; different plant heights, plant structure and canopy. It is required that equal layer of coat is applied on the total surface area. There are many variables, hard to reach places, ambient temperature, humidity in the air and wind velocity causing drift. Management of droplet size, its uniformity, drift control, evaporation are some of the highly technical challenges. We offer machines to handle most challenges.


Boom size in width, type of nozzles, tank capacity, mounted or trailed, tank agitators, pump type and filtration. These are made to order machines. Other options are for greenhouse/tunnels, open field and orchids applications.