Eathmoving - Soil Scrapper



Farm mechanization demands long fields for infield efficiency of water application and machines operation. Soil shifting is time-taking and expensive operation. Further, upper 4 inch (10 CM) soil is most productive. Dragging of soil during soil shifting process makes soil powdery which reduces water absorption capacity of the soil effecting plants growth. Additionally, dragging action compacts the lower soil.

Soil Scrapper:

Front closing soil scrapper fill the bucket with loose soil, front door of the bucket is closed hydraulically. Scrapper is lifted and it runs on wheels to the fill area, front door opens gradually and soil is pushed out in a uniform layer.


Standard machine requires 90 to 100 HP tractor to fills 71 cubic feet (2 cubic meter) of soil, close its throat and run on wheels, without dragging on land, and ejects soil uniformly at destination. Machines from 75 to 200 HP are available on order, manual, laser or GPS assisted with variations to suit soil conditions and work-output requirement.



This is a low cost but very efficient machine equally suitable for agriculture and construction industry.