Spare Parts

Tractors and machines require regular maintenance for trouble free operation. Required parts are classified in to four categories: 1) Service parts: such as filters, lubricants, fluids, belts, fuses, bulbs etc. 2) Maintenance parts: such as bearings, seals, gauges, starter motor, alternator, tires, tubes, caps, fuel supply system service kits, water body, clutch plate, PTO plate etc. 3) Overhauling: engine, gearbox, transmission, front axle, steering box, tie-rod ends, rims, housings etc. 4) Attachments: such as hydraulic axillary fittings, electrical supply to trailers and other machines, front and rear weights, trailer hooks, hitches, cage wheels, PTO Pulley, Shafts etc.
We have large inventories of OEM quality spare parts for immediate supply around the world. Our parts are suitable for Ursus and MF branded tractors.