Raisedbed Planting System - All-in-One

Latest crop production process has moved on to Raisedbed farming, that offer following benefits:

Provides moist soil to plants for consistent growth - NOT saturated
Controlled traffic compact furrows to reduce water seepage
Biota fosters in raised beds which is like a food factory for plants
Soil cover reduces requirements of other inputs to ZERO after few crops
Reduce water requirements by 70% due to little evaporation, therefore NO accumulation of salts and increase in Ph. value

These machine are all-in-one and do the following functions:

Make raisedbeds
Band fertilizer on the side of plant rows  in root zone (Optional)
Band compost in the root zone of plants (Optional)
Plant (big seeds) such as sunflower, corn, cotton, soybean seeds at accurate plant-to-plant distance with air vacuum, pneumatically
Plant small seeds such as wheat, carrots, rape seed etc., randomly up to five rows on a bed.