Welcome to FarmAll Technology!Manufacturers of URSUS tractors and wide range of Farm Machinery.

FarmAll is currently manufacturing three models of URSUS tractors 2812 (50 HP), 3512 (60 HP) & 4512 (75 HP). Quality meets the original MF/URSUS specification due to strict process control and 100% torque testing for consistent quality.

GTL General Trading LLC with Headquarters in Dubai, is export division of FarmAll Technology, where our professional sales team interacts with potential customers from around the world and manages showrooms & warehouses operations, where stock of tractors, farm machines and spare parts for after sales services are placed for immediate delivery. Presently, our facilities are located in Dubai, Egypt, South Africa, Sudan, and Philippine. Other locations are being developed while we seek local partners from every potential market.

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FarmAll is manufacturing 3 models of URSUS tractors 2812, 3512 & 4512. At FarmAll quality meets the original specifications due to process control and 100% torque testing to maintain uniform standards. FarmAll never deviates from the original MF/URSUS designs, manufacturing processes and quality standards. Factually, specification has been improved to cater harsh condition prevailed in under developed countries and lower operator skills.


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